Who are DeFuze?
We are 3 mums with passion, experience, drive,with a true sense of nurturing for our tribe. And we have a whole bunch of kids: there’s 8 kids and 3 husbands (does that make 11 kids?) between us.
We are located in a beachy town in Western Australia, and love the relaxed nature of our space. Our children have grown up side-by-side, just as we did, and we had a strong friendship long before the infamous words were uttered: “I’ve had an idea…”.
Our goal is to inspire woman to take control of their health… and what better way to do it than by smelling and looking amazing?!
We believe in the power of essential oils, and love to give families a unique way to use them.
Most of our products are handmade in our own homes, usually with a kid or two clinging to our leg.
We are realistic holistic mums who just want to change the world, one oily necklace at a time!
How did we get here?
As oilers, we were frustrated at the lack of diffusing accessories available. Everything we could find was “stock standard”, had little creativity or depth of range… let alone there was nothing available to suit our modern day/night apparel.
After listening to one too many complaints, there was an “idea”. After a little trial and error, we realised we were onto something exciting, and knew we had to spread the word!


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